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The Multi-Million Dollar Password

Updated: May 6, 2020

In this digital age, it's rare to find anyone who doesn't use a password. Do you still have a friend or relative who doesn't have a social media account, email address or mobile phone? You might say that your grandparents don't have any of them. But do they have ATM cards for their pensions?

Passwords have been around since ancient times. They were mostly used in secret deals, military and espionage. The Amish community is most likely using passwords the classic way through their vaults or factions. Even kids have passwords on their gadgets.

What if that password is the only key that can unlock all of the important details related to your personal information, investments or inheritance? Does anyone have a way of accessing your accounts in the event that something unforeseen happens to you?

This is what happened to Gerald Cotten, the CEO of a cryptocurrency company based in Canada. When he died unexpectedly, no one else could access the $190 million worth of digital currency in his company because he's the only one who knows the password.

Beyond the monetary value is personal value. Do you want your family to have access to your social media accounts so that they can give a pleasant farewell on your behalf? An inspiring message that your relatives and friends will see? Something you've written in advance when the doctor revealed your medical condition or before you were assigned on a duty that is hazardous.

Do you have an elegant item where you can put all of those details together? Something that your family will appreciate and cherish because of the way everything was presented to them. An item that would make them feel your thoughtfulness even after you're gone.

And if you were in their situation, it's something you would treasure and keep securely because it's a wonderful reminder of the unconditional love given to you. The My Life Organizer is designed to help you accomplish all of these.

Give comfort to your loved ones with your words of encouragement and ease their burden by having all of your important details in one place. It's a very affordable item but has a value that can be passed on even to your great-grandchildren.

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