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Showing Love When You’re Gone

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

In one of your quiet moments, you may have pondered about your adventures with your spouse, the laughter of your children or the fondness of your parents. Little things about your family that make you smile and realize how big is your love for them.

You envision your children grow and have successful careers while seeing yourself grow old happy with your spouse. You've worked so hard to take care of their needs because seeing them in a difficult situation would truly break your heart.

As you look forward to the future, certain questions will come to mind. What if something unexpected happens to me? Will my loved ones be left out in the dark? Was there something I wish that I could have told them?

Do you have the confidence that your loved ones will be fine when the unforeseen happens? As someone who wants the best for their family, up to what extent would you show your love for them? Will it go beyond this life?

We can't predict what may happen to us in the future but we can prepare something wonderful for our loved ones when the saddest thing catches us by surprise. Continue to shower them with love through your words of comfort and hope.

Ease their burden and pain with all the information that you have put in one place for them. Give them a reason to continue their adventures and laughter while they cherish all of the happy memories you left them.

Give them your best farewell through something elegant like the My Life Organizer. Beyond the organizer is a memento that your loved ones will treasure for life. A small piece of item that lets you continue to express your love to them even when you’re gone.

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