Would your family know what to do if something were to happen to you?

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This is the most essential item every family needs for these uncertain times!


It's less expensive than life insurance and more detailed than a will. This is the ultimate record keeping system that is designed to list and categorize all of your important information in one central location...medical, financial, personal, etc.


In the event something happens to you, your family will know how to handle your affairs and, if necessary, know how to carry out your final wishes. There is even a bonus section concerning end of life matters which educates families on what to expect when a loved one dies and how to navigate through those situations.


This is a must have for anyone who's concerned with removing the burden from their families on what to do and how to do it if something happens to them.


Don't wait to get The My Life Organizer! You don't know when you'll need it, but you know you will need it!

The My Life Organizer

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This unique organizer will help you save money and time when the end is near, while providing your family with all of your important personal information in one place.


"The purchase of the My Life Organizer was the best investment I could have made. I now have all of my daily activities in one handy place for easy access. I have also put together my final wishes so when the time comes, my family knows exactly what I want."

Monique C.,


Protect Your Family's Future

• Fact – An estimated one billion dollars in life insurance benefits are waiting for beneficiaries to claim. Insurance companies are not in the habit of tracking down beneficiaries when the policyholder dies. 

• Fact – If a parent dies, and there is no family member or guardian available to care for orphaned children, the state will place the children into the foster care system.

• Fact - Millions of American’s are missing out on billions of “forgotten cash”. States, federal agencies, and other organizations, collectively hold more than 58 billion dollars in unclaimed cash, property, and benefits. These assets come from a variety of sources, including abandoned bank accounts, stock holdings, life insurance policies, pension benefits, and other unclaimed assets.

• Fact – If you die without a will, the legal term is you have died “intestate”. If no relatives can be located, your entire estate becomes the property of the state.

• Fact – More complex estates can take years to probate. The longer the process, the more costly the process.


Relay Your Last Wishes 

• Fact – The average person dies with $62,000 in debt.

• Fact – When you die, any debt you have, is attached to your estate. These debts can deplete assets you had set aside for your heirs. Debts can also get transferred to a loved one for payment, without your prior planning. 

• Fact – Funeral directors are business people, not ministers. People often think they are quasi-clergy, there is a difference. Not detailing your final wishes can cost your family additional, unnecessary money. Funeral homes are businesses, and they are in business of making money.

• Fact – Dealing with the death of a loved one is already a stressful situation. Not knowing how to handle the loved one’s finances after death, can add an extra burden to a grieving family.

• Fact – Thousands of small businesses are started “informally” every year in the United States. Unfortunately, if a partner dies, this can lead to financial and emotional stress, along with legal complications and costs.

• Fact – In today’s world of the Internet, electronic devices, (cellular phones, tablets, etc.), the combination to the wall safe is not all that is required to close out accounts. Unknown usernames, passwords, & security questions, can all hinder the process of finalizing a loved one’s affairs.

• Fact – If one spouse is in charge of the family finances, information should be readily available for the other spouse to take over when the time comes.

• Fact – Arrangements should be in place for the care of special needs 
children, minors, and adults, in the event of the parent’s death.

Prepare Your Family For Financial And Legal Battles

• Fact – Non-married couples face unique legal problems when it comes to inheriting property and other assets if one partner dies.

• Fact – Historically, illegitimate children didn’t have any legal rights to their parent’s estate. In recent years, a number of states have instituted laws to protect illegitimate children, and their right to inherit from their mother. Paternal inheritance rights remain inconsistent.

• Fact - An adjustment period occurs when a spouse dies. From simple things as paying the bills, to more complex issues as accounting for all the family assets. These processes can prove challenging for anyone, but more so for the elderly.


These are just a few facts and statistics showing why you need to make sure your affairs are in order.

Protect yourself and your family!

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What started out as a real estate company in 1988 eventually took on a nobler role. Martin Enterprizes Inc. became involved in interests that took several global industries into account.

Incidentally, the organization is now involved in technology, water management, publication, manufacturing and entertainment besides real estate. The My Life Organizer was created and launched to make a difference for people who want to pass on their last desires and wishes in as dignified a manner as possible.

The My Life Organizer was created to help those families prepare for the inevitable and to ensure they could regain clarity during this trying time. According to the founder and President of the organization, M. Martin Sr., “The My Life Organizer has become a staple for the business because of its sheer significance and need”

The final wishes workbook was created when the founder of the company realized that lack of records was a serious issue for families who lost loved ones. Besides a lack of support, most families are left with nothing and no one to provide for them after the funeral.

 “We are proud to provide a product that can truly help people at a time when they need support the most. Martin Enterprizes has always been at the forefront of innovation and I am proud to say we are not slowing down anytime soon. The My Life Organizer has been provided at an affordable price and we are sure it will serve each person it belongs to for as long as they need it.”


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